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PO Box 1658
Paonia, CO   81428
970 527-4073

Elisabethan makes clothing and accessories made from recycled, post-consumer fabrics.

138 Grand Avenue
Paonia, CO   81428
970 527-6622
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Refinery is an boutique in downtown Paonia, CO that features Elisabethan –clothing & accessories made entirely from reclaimed fabrics made in Paonia.

Elsewhere Studios

Elsewhere Studios

107 3rd St
PO Box 926
Paonia, CO 81428
970 527-3249
Elsewhere Studios Facebook

Elsewhere Studios Residency Program in Paonia, provides space and time for artists to create in a unique and supportive environment. Time spans are individually based – 1 to 6 months. Visual artists, writers,  musicians, and performance artists are welcome. Residents have opportunities to collaborate with local artists, to participate in exhibitions, and to teach classes or workshops. Shared Studio space as well as Ceramics and Woodworking shop on site. Elsewhere Studios also runs a Community Supported Art Library (CSArt), which represents the work of local artists and allows members to check out original art.

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