Paonia's Hive Spawns Killer Bees

Colorado Life Magazine

By Davina Van Buren

Image 2 of the Brodie and the Bees

Photo Credit: Teya Cranson

Whoever said you shouldn’t mix work and play must have had a boring job.  When Paonia-based musician Brodie Kinder set out to form a rock band, he looked no further than his small town’s co-working space.

Kinder, a seasoned performer who might be familiar to viewers on American Idol (he was the one who could make cricket and howler monkey sounds), was working in Denver as a trainer for apple when he heard of an idyllic town on the Western Slope full of artists, digital nomads and free thinkers-Paonia. Upon relocating, he joined Paonia’s innovative shared workspace, The Hive, as its resident “Mac guy”. He soon learned The Hive had several closet rockers in the midst.

Kinder enlisted Hive members Melanie Williams, Chris Faison, Dakin Henderson and Chris King, and before they knew it, their bandhad booked its first gig. The new friends from The Hive pondered a catchy name. “Immediately someone shouted out ‘The Killer Bees!’ and we all knew that was it,” Kinder said.

The Killer Bees held their first show at Paonia’s Blue Sage Center for the Arts. The locals danced to their “intentional soul funk rock,” and after an hour-long set, the band came down into the crowd to perform their encore. Coal miners, farmers, hippies, and young families-a microcosm of the town itself-encircled the band, some holding hands, some quietly singing along. In spite of the divisions that sometimes accompany small-town living, on this night, all barriers were stripped away.

The Killer Bees perform everywhere, from Western Slope orchards to Front Range theaters. Keep an ear out for the buzz.

Featured Photo By Chris Garre

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